Wolf-Kin are a race of humanoid wolves n
ative to the Hapa Plains on the island of Darkhaalo. Immensely strong and proud, Wolf-Kin are defined by their blunt nature and their frequent tribal in-fighting. Wolf-Kin might have once had the capacity to conquer the known world, but their constant civil wars ultimately prevented this.

In the Lost Lands campaign setting, wolf-kin are a playable race.


Wolf-Kin resemble tall, muscular humans with the head of a wolf. Their fur colors vary widely, from browns and greys to a reddish tint that resembles a fox.

Wolf-Kin teeth are strong and sharp, designed for tearing through the flesh of prey. Wolf-Kin are, nearly without exception, exclusively carnivorous- "carrot eater" is an extremely derogatory insult among their tribes.

Wolf-Kin are widely known for their extremely sensitive noses. Their olfactory sensitivity makes them excellent trackers and they are keen at identifying others by scent. However, this same sensitivity makes them susceptible to stench-based effects- for this reason, entering a goblin district drives wolf-kin crazy.


Wolf-Kin form tribal units who live in mobile, rugged wigwams scattered throughout the Hapa Plains. Migratory by nature, a Wolf-Kin tribe never stays in the same place for longer than three years. Wolf-Kin tribes are headed by a chief, generally whoever is the strongest warrior in the tribe. Any member of the tribe may challenge the chief to a duel; if they win, they become the new chief. It is not uncommon for Wolf-Kin tribe leadership to change more than once during a year.

Wolf-Kin are fiercely loyal to their own tribes, and hostile towards others. Wolf-Kin tribes on Darkhaalo are constantly at war with one another, but the most famous are Rendclaw and Ripfang, who have been fighting for so many centuries that nobody really remembers why they are at war anymore. Wolf-Kin on other islands tend to try to distance themselves from these conflicts, but will fiercely defend their tribe's honor against other wolf-kin if need be- sometimes even breaking out into fights in crowded city streets.

The most populated wolf-kin city is Port De Wolfe, where a large concentration of civilized wolf-kin live.

All wolf-kin bear a tattoo somewhere on their body signifying their home tribe, which is received on their first birthday. During the process, the wolf-kin also receives its name in their harsh native tongue of Lupen.

Wolf-Kin often revere Tag, the god of the wilds or Orca, god of valor.


To most humans and other civilized races, wolf-kin often come off as brutish and simple. The fact that many wolf-kin have short tempers does not help matters. Due to their checkered history together, tengu and wolf-kin rarely get along well. The race they sympathize most with is half-orcs, whom they bond with over their mutual affinity for strength and power.

Game Rule InformationEdit

  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence: Wolf-Kin are strong and tough, but are not the brightest of civilized creatures.
  • Darkvision: Wolf-Kin can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Sensitive Nose: Wolf-Kin possess an extremely sensitive nose, which has a number of effects:
    • Wolf-Kin gain a +2 racial bonus to Survival checks to track a target by scent.
    • Wolf-Kin gain a +5 bonus to Perception checks to detect someone in disguise whom they know previously by scent.
    • Wolf-Kin are always entitled to a free DC 10 Wisdom check to detect an invisible creature who passes within 10 feet of them.
    • Wolf-Kin take a -2 penalty to saves against scent-based effects.
  • Wild: Wolf-Kin gain a +2 racial bonus to Survival and Knowledge (Nature) checks.
  • Proficiency: All wolf-kin are proficient with spears, javelins, and throwing axes.
  • Languages: Wolf-Kin begin play speaking Common and Lupen. Their bonus languages are Corganan, Dwarf, Elven, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan.

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